Along with the latest changes as a result of an increasing globalized economy where markets are behaving more random, and where the weather modifies the insurance and reinsurance world, markets are becoming structures, where change is the only true and constant thing. That is the point where we stand and promote ourselves to face possible disadvantages, so we can make them part of our global solutions.

This is much easier for us because we have trained in the region, especially assisting Latin America, and just because we are not a multinational broker, we don’t try to adapt the market to us or set other markets standards.

Each line of business represents a different challenge; we are related to specialized reinsurers, we consider factors as the implementation country, risk size, and laws of the country in order to be focused on the most suitable reinsurance market, achieving this way the best solution.

Reinsurers all over the world, in countries like the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United States of America, France, Panama and the Caribbean region, give us support with solutions for our clients.